Breauna Cain

Breauna Cain


Welcome to my portfolio! I'm thrilled to have you here. I am 34 years old lliving in the charming Midwest area, where I'm building a life filled with love and joy alongside my beautiful family. As an engaged mother of three amazing kids, I embrace each day with style and grace, exuding a sweet and approachable personality. I love creating content about the things that make me happy.


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Why UGC ?

User Generated content is becoming more popular and in demand due to it's authenticity and credibility.

UGC provides a true authentic view on a brands product from s peers perspective.

Consumers seem to trust relatable content from their peers

Cost-Effevtive Marketing

Why Me

With a passion for creativity and expression, I've ventured into the world of user-generated content to share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

Beyond my role as a mother and partner, I have various interests. From fashion and beauty to lifestyle. I find joy in discovering and learning new things. I firmly believe that life is a canvas, and each day presents us with an opportunity to add vibrant strokes of color to our stories.


UGC Video content creation

1 video: $200

3 videos: $500

5 videos: $700

video content creation for all short form videos include basic editing

pricing may vary for longer term projects




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